Simple Sketches

During the pandemic some things have certainly slowed down. I (Rashmeet) can spend an entire day in my room – busy working, studying, sleeping, eating, and, of course, creating! However, reading Chris’ take on appreciating the simple things around us has changed the way I notice the items in my room. I see the trees that make up my books, the love knit into my clothing, and the concentration and creativity put into making the art on my walls.

Chris Paguirigan is currently a university student, and has been busy keeping up with online classes during the pandemic. Lately she has been drawing during her spare time to help her relax during these stressful times.

A drawing of a single sock. The sock seems to be knit from orange, blue, teal, and green yarn. The background is a beige colour.

In response to what has been her inspiration to create during isolation, Chris responded, “I spend lots of time working in my room, so I’ve come to appreciate the beauty in simple, seemingly boring things. I think we take a lot of things like that for granted; we see these material things like socks and we don’t think much of them. We don’t think of these objects as art, or as something a person has put their time into and created for us to use. They’re just socks. But why not pay a bit of attention to these things?”

You can follow Chris on Instagram @crisis.draws for more of her artwork.

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