The Colours of Oil

I’m drawn to colour. Recently I’ve been playing with different colour combinations in my digital artwork. It’s so satisfying finding the right shade of tangerine orange that matches so nicely with a shade of ocean blue and all of it seems to work so well with a green right out of your dreams.

An oil painting with layers of oil paint in various colours including: yellow, green, blue, red, white, purple, pink, and orange.
Art Sample by Kathryn Last

Peterborough and Toronto based artist Kathryn Last explores the intersection of creation and the expressivity of material through the artworks that she creates.

An oil painting with a light purple background and indigo and dark purple paint strokes.

During the pandemic Kathryn has been experimenting with oil painting to create vivid paintings.

She has been inspired to explore new colours and textures in her works.

For more of Kathryn’s artwork you can visit her website and follow her on Instagram @kathrynlastart.

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