Art Apart: Connecting Generations

COVID-19 may be keeping us apart, but art can bring us together. Art Apart is proud to present the Connecting Generations Art Journal! With this project, we hope to connect two communities especially affected by the pandemic: children (aged 8-12) from low-income or single-parent households and seniors.

Our research team will be distributing 200 blank journals to these two groups. The journals will come with art prompts related to COVID-19, which participants can complete over the month of August/beginning of September. We will then collect these journals, scan them, and display the artwork here on Art Apart. We will also create a digital mosaic and slideshow to be displayed on screens across the University of Guelph campus. The journals will then be sent out again in an art swap: children’s journals will be sent to seniors and seniors’ journals to children. 

Our FREE Connecting Generations Art Journal Kit contains: 1 blank journal, 2 black ballpoint pens (although any and all other art tools are encouraged), instructions, prompts, and a return envelope with postage. 

As we will only be sending out 200 journals, we will be accepting participants on a first-come, first-serve basis. Although space in this project is limited, we will still accept submissions to the main Art Apart site here.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook page, where we’ll be posting with the hashtag #artapartcg  


  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Draw life before COVID.
  3. What colour do you think represents COVID the
    most? Draw something in this colour.
  4. How far is two metres?
  5. Draw joy.
  6. Get all of your frustration out on this page!
  7. Record/draw a recipe of your favourite snack?
  8. Put down the pen: fill this page with any other medium!
  9. What is your quarantine anthem? Write and illustrate your favourite lyric from the song.
  10. Draw community.
  11. What does COVID look like to you?
  12. Draw something you love to make.
  13. What are you doing today? Draw that!
  14. Design a face mask.
  15. Draw your favourite memory of 2020.
  16. Trace your hand. Fill each finger with something you are grateful for.
  17. How have you kept in touch during COVID?
  18. Look up. Draw what you see.
  19. Draw what the world looks like after COVID.
  20. Draw hope.

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