Walking in a New Light

The pandemic has certainly motivated me (Rashmeet) to get my steps in for the day. Walking outside, rain or shine, has become one of my favourite ways to decompress after a long day indoors. This time spent outdoors has been especially important for my creative process as I reflect on my relationships with nature and art.

Liane Ischewski is an emerging artist working in composed ballpoint pen drawings. She is interested in people’s relationship to nature and the science behind optics and vision.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given Liane the opportunity for extended focus as she mentions: “I’ve been spending my time committing to my drawings, and giving them hours of attention to achieve detail I haven’t been able to commit to previously.”

A black and white drawing with elements of light green. Starting on the left side is a rockface, moving towards the center is a pile of partially decomposed leaves, moving further right is a fern, and finally all the way to the right is another rockface. In the middle of the picture a pair of arms reaches out almost closing in around the first three panels of images.
“This drawing reflects the calmness I felt.” ~ Liane Ischewski

During the beginning stages of the pandemic, she began to go on frequent walks through a large forest nearby. It was these walks that highlighted for Liane how different isolation feels in nature versus in a home. This reflection help her find comfort in this time of uncertainty and anxiety.

To view more of Liane’s work you can visit her on Instagram @chewski_art.

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