Nature’s Brushstrokes

Getting outside to enjoy and reconnect with nature has been one of the ways I (Rashmeet) have been coping with the pandemic isolation. I have especially enjoyed noticing the life that continues to thrive around me like the blooming flowers, gracious trees, elegant birds, and skittering squirrels and rabbits.

Abhinanda Sinha Roy is a passionate painter who works mostly with watercolor, acrylic, and oil. She is also an IT professional who has developed a creative edge during the pandemic.

During the pandemic Abhinanda has been creating colorful paintings and sharing them with friends to help overcome gloomy days. She has found that this process is not only relaxing, but many of her friends have reached out with their own painting requests. Abhinanda is happy to be sharing joy in the form of her paintings during this time.

A painting of a blue, yellow, green parrot that sits with its back prominently displayed on a brown and golden stick. The background is black with a splash of yellow light in the top right corner.
Brighten Up the Jungle

Abhinanda’s paintings are inspired by nature because she finds that playing with colors makes her “immensely happy”.

To view more of Abhinanda’s work you can visit her online here: or on Instagram @abhinandaart.

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