An Artist’s Business

So many artists were negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses shut down and this meant no more studio space, no more craft shops, and definitely no more live concerts. However, some artists have been using this time to find more focus with their artwork and finding the time to create more.

On a white radiator there sits a brown and white cat with a blue painting in a white frame. Also on the radiator is a large spool of twine.

Abbey Cole began her art journey at 9 years old. She is a content creator, poet, writer, painter, artist, and anything else she wants to be. She is now 21 and starting an online art sale platform.

During the pandemic she has been making resin coasters, slate coasters, and acrylic paintings.

On a wooden table there is a blue glass vase with white flowers. Beside this there is a sailboat made with two wooden sticks and fabric sails. Net to this is a wooden framed photograph of green tree leaves.

Abbey believes that creativity is what balances your mental health and has used this as her inspiration to create!

You can visit Abbey’s shop at and make sure you sign up for her mailing list to know when sales will begin. In the meantime you can visit her Etsy shop here:!

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