Today, We Remember

The Art Apart team would like to honour all individuals who have served and continue to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces.

They have risked their lives to fight for Canada, and many have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. It is because of their selfless acts of bravery that we are able to live in a free nation.

We will not break faith with those who have fallen. Today, we remember.

A collage of photos is displayed with the text "Lest We Forget" at the forefront. In the Top left corner is a picture of the Canadian Parliament building in Ottawa. Projected across the tower is orange-red poppies, with a black and yellow center. On the top right is four, hand painted rocks with red poppies on them. 
At the bottom right corner is a painting of a yellow-green army tank, driving across a demolished village. At the bottom right is a picture of the metal arch outside of the John McCrae home in Guelph. The roof of the red arch has metal cutouts of poppies.

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