Watercolour Escape

There are so many mediums that you can use to make visual art. Take painting, for example; there are many different types of paints to choose from, each with their own unique characteristics. Personally, I (Sophia) like to think of watercolours as calming, soft, delicate (although they might not express that on the canvas). I have not painted with watercolours for a while, but I vividly remember mixing watercolours on my paint palette. The process is so soothing to me: wetting the brush, choosing the colour you want, dipping into the pan, and then the best part is transferring the paint onto the water droplet. You can see the paint disperse so effortlessly; the transparent water becoming so vibrant with colour and ready to create something! It’s a fantastic way to escape from the world around you.

Mme. Darquise Delorme was born in 1983, in Cumberland, Ontario. They have been creative for most of their life. In high school, Darquise took extra art classes given by Mme. Jeanne Doucet, a watercolourist. They completed a three year program in graphic design. Darquise’s inspirations are nature, flowers, and abstract art. They believe that these three things provide the inspiration to express the things we feel but can’t say.

Darquise has been making one 8×10 watercolor paintings each week.

This art piece depicts a dahlia flower. The dahlia has pinkish-red petals, with some having white at the tips. The center of the flower is a golden yellow.

“I needed an escape from being at home with my husband and three young kids. Painting with my watercolours gives me that escape.”

This is an abstract painting. Horizontal brush strokes cover the canvas, in cool tones of blue and greens. You can see many hues of light and dark blue, and light and dark green throughout the painting.
“Haut et bas de la vie”

For more of Darquise’s artwork, you can follow their Instagram: @artdarquisedelorme

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