From a Different Perspective

What I (Sophia) appreciate about photography is that it takes real, everyday objects and turns them into art. Photography depicts our society from a different visual perspective. The Featured Image for this post was taken at a really cool angle, and it made me think: Do we ever take time to look up at the sky? Sometimes I find myself so tense with school, work, and social activities. I’m so accustomed to looking down, whether it be looking at my phone, keyboard, or notebook. It’s a refreshing change to stop and, for once, just look up. What you see may surprise you. Fall’s arrival has gifted us with vibrant scenery that highlights nature’s beauty. The changing colours of the leaves brings the promise of a new season, one that encompasses new adventures and experiences.

Brileigh Hardcastle is a Toronto based photographer from Peterborough, Ontario. Exploring themes of loss, displacement, and issues in urban planning, Brileigh’s work uses a hybrid of documentary and abstract approaches to her subject matter.

Throughout the pandemic, Brileigh has been taking photographs.

Half of a skateboard portrudes out of a wall that is made up of wooden panels. The skateboard is worn, with its black surface covered in white markings, showing that it is used frequently. The wooden boarder of the skateboard is also worn down, with little chips and dirt covering it. You can also see the skateboard's two, black wheels below the board itself

Brileigh was inspired to take these photos since solitary photo walks were the only activity she could do during lockdown.


You can find more of Brigleigh’s photography on Instagram: @brileighardcastle or no her website:

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