Creating Imagination

I can’t remember when was the last time that I played with the set of Barbie dolls I accumulated as a child. However, I do remember the elaborate scenarios that I used to amuse myself with when I did play with them. Sunbathing and creating sand castles in the park’s sandbox. Tending to their imaginary fevers as the most qualified three-year old doctor. Saving the world from all the evil monsters. That was some of the purest kind of imagination.

Sarah Cowling is a collage artist and acrylic painter. She has been creating for about 20 years.

A plastic barbie doll wearing a white and teal dress with a blue scrunchie holding her hair in a ponytail is sitting in a white paper sled. Behind the sled, stands a masked (grey with black stripes and red smile) figure with baseball gloves on both hands. There is a grey plasticine chicken on the floor by the foot of the sled. The background consists of a dark forest with silver birch trees.

She has started creating what she calls ‘3dcollage’ which employs the use of toy characters to create sets to photograph and then writing a story line to go with them.

Two plastic barbies are sitting on the floor. One of then is wearing a pink dress with yellow lines and blue sleeves. Her leggings are patterned splotches of purple, pink, yellow, orange, and blue. The other doll is wearing a shimmery peach blouse and a purple skirt with shimmery clear leggings. There is a figure with a mask (grey with black stripes and a red smile) standing to their left with a plasticine chicken (grey) by its feet. The background consists of images of other human figures (4 women all wearing black) and a swirly black and white pattern on the floor.

Sarah’s inspiration for these 3dcollage’s has been “a friend who was posting strange vignettes in her studio with Barbie dolls and other stuff.”

For more of Sarah’s artwork you may follow her on Instagram @mompaintsalso.

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