Paint a Mustache on it!

This summer has probably been one of the toughest ones: not being able to see my friends (screens don’t count), working from home, studying from home, dealing with all the emotions and reactions related to the BLM movement. The pandemic has brought out the good and the bad in many people and I’m not going to lie, it’s been difficult dealing with the bad. This is why I love that Rita’s artwork was able to bring a smile to my face and gave me something to laugh about.

Rita Hisar is an emerging Contemporary Artist based in Toronto, who works with a knife and acrylic paint to create paintings that explode with colour. She is a former refugee lawyer/teacher who has been creating art her entire life but only recently has she been able to share it in exhibits in New York, London, Miami, and Toronto.

A painting of Kate Moss (white and blue base with splotches of pink, pink lips, and white/blue/green/yellow hair). She is holding up the index finger of her left hand underneath her nose and above her top lip with a black mustache painted on it.
“Kate Moss: No Kidding” is a painting promoting the fun idea of posing for a mustache selfie during this difficult time of isolation.

Rita has been trying to capture hope and humour in their paintings during this difficult time, while also trying to challenge herself to try something new in the form of figure paintings.

On a beige wall hangs a painting with a purple background and a sitting, crouched, nude, feminine figure painted in pink with purple accents.
The Madness of Love 2

The proceeds from Rita’s painting/items listed on FineArt America are going to Roma Cares Charity.

Painting of Mona Lisa's face (in purple, pink, and blue) on the right side of the canvas. On the beige background there is a pink balloon, a curled line drawing of a pink/purple heart, written in purple is 'amore,' the side of butterfly (pink, purple), and Gucci lettering and logo.
“La Dolce Vita”, is a painting she painted as a Canadian-Italian with many relatives/friends suffering in Italy: it is a painting celebrating the culture of Italy during their difficult time.

To see more of Rita’s artwork you can visit or follow her on Instagram @ritahisar.


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