Rosy Optimism

I (Sophia) encountered a phrase the other day that said, “You can’t always view the world through rose-coloured glasses.” For some reason, this has stuck with me. In some ways, I think the statement is valid as we cannot always live in blissful ignorance; sometimes, we have to take off our “rose-coloured glasses” to be realistic and face situations with courage. However, I don’t think that one can live a life without putting on their “rose-coloured glasses” occasionally. Especially during COVID, we need to be motivated by something positive and genuine. Take time to appreciate small things that bring you happiness. With some of the lifted restrictions, we can re-experience the joy of activities that we once took for granted before the quarantine. When you wear your “rose-coloured glasses,” life can be vibrant and exciting, creating an outlook that views opportunities as a chance for learning and self-growth.

Jacintha Krish has been a longtime adult art instructor and loves every moment of it! Painting is their passion and they have dubbed it their “redeemer during COVID-19.”

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jacintha has been teaching, painting, and is always focusing on cheerful subjects!

The painting depicts many flowers. The flowers are pink with a dark magenta/red center and light pink petals. The stems are many shades of greens and greeen-yellows.

Jacintha is inspired by the world they see around them in Canada.

The painting depicts a painting of a forest by a river. The forest is not portrayed in the usual shades of green/brown earth tones, but instead, neon color. The leaves of the trees are teals, bright blues, yellows, pinks, and greens. The rocks are a white-lavender shade. The  tree trunks are pink and purple. The water is many shades of bright blue, green, and yellow.

To see more of Jacintha’s artwork, you can visit their: Website: Facebook: Instagram:@jkrish54

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