Watching, Waiting, Creating

When I was in my first year of university, I took a class called “Discovering Biodiversity.” In one particular lecture, my professor talked about Charles Darwin and the Galapagos finches. When he visited the Galapagos Islands, Darwin noticed differences in the finches’ beak size and shape and sketched the beaks to show how they have adapted to eat certain foods. He used art to express his science! For our day and age, COVID brings forth a new challenge, having impacted many essential institutions within our society. As a result, we are experiencing a social adaptation. Every day, we adjust, learn, and continue in our pursuit to recapture a sense of normalcy.

Richard Zajac is a fine artist who focuses on nature and wildlife. Many of his works are oil paintings, but he also enjoys using a variety of other mediums.

During the pandemic, Richard has been creating oil paintings.

The painting is of a rhino as it grazes. There is a blue sky, brushed with white clouds. The background depicts a beige mountain. Desert shrubs and grass are dispersed throughout the piece. The sand is a beige white color. The Rhino stands in the center foreground.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Richard has not been able to visit zoos, sanctuaries, and conservatories to take new reference photos of the wildlife. These closures have forced him to use older references for his art. Richard explains that the changes “[have] allowed me to do projects I have wanted to complete. Also, it allows me to still feel connected to nature while I am not able to be in it because of the quarantine.”

A hawk is depected upon a solid blue background. the hawk has a yellow beak with a grey tip. Its feathers are mostly shades of brown and white, and its tail feathers are orange. The hawk is perched on a tree branch.
“Red-tailed Hawk 2”

To see more of Richards artwork, you can visit his: Website: Instagram: @richardzajacart Facebook: Richard Zajac Art

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