Photographic Familiarity

Photography is one of my (Rashmeet’s) favourite media to work with. It’s fascinating to me that we are able to capture a moment (both purposefully and occasionally accidentally) through a lens, to be later reproduced on a screen or paper? We’ve found a way to capture time – stand still. We can quite literally view the world from someone else’s perspective. However, we are all able to meld these still images into emotions unique to our own experiences.

Photograph of a puddle reflection of a building (cream with spires, turrets, and a grey roof) on black asphalt. There are leaves strewn in the puddle.
Puddle Portrait

Sara Camus’ work primarily seeks to reflect the ordinary occurrences in our lives. She is based in Ottawa, Ontario and has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Mount Allison University.

She recently moved during COVID-19 and has found comfort in taking photos of her new community. Sara is using photography during this time, not only to familiarize herself with her new surroundings, but to also document this moment: “Photography has been a major outlet for me during COVID-19. I am so grateful that our government did not enforce a complete quarantine lock down; this allowed me to take walks and document the changes we were experiencing.”

To check out more of Sara’s work, you can visit her website:

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