Finding a Friend in Nature

Over the past few months, I (Sophia) have found a new appreciation for nature. Lately, I have been going for walks along a wooded trail near my house. Being able to immerse myself in a place that is isolated from the business of the world is a refreshing change. Even hearing the sound of birds chirping and the wind as it blows through the trees are some of the small things for which I am grateful to experience.

Chris Macleod has been drawing wildlife using chalk pastel for about 10 years, and loves to mimic the beauty of nature onto paper in a realistic way.

During quarantine, Chris has been increasing the amount of drawings of wildlife and backyard animals, all in the medium of chalk pastel.

The art piece depicts a bird grazing the water with its wing as it flies. The bird has a long black beak, and a mall white ring around its eye. We view the bird from its side profice. The wings are long, and spread out widely. The wings have a bit of black with white undertones, and have dark brown tips. The water is highlighted with shades of light brow, pastel yellow, and a dash of pink, indicating that the sun could be rising or setting.

“COVID has increased the amount of time I’ve been able to get out and explore nature and watch wildlife, so I’m hoping to inspire others to do the same with my drawings.”

The art piece depicts a squirrel and a blue jay on a tree branch. The branch looks old, and is grey in color. The squirrel is looking at the bird, who seems to be territorial, as it has its beak slightly opened and its winged hinged back behind it. The squirrel is seen from its side profile; it has brown fur, a white underbelly, a bushy tail, and whiskers. The Blue jay's side profile is depicted looking at a slight angle from behind, and we can see its blue, white, and black spotted wings and tail feathers.

To see more of Chris’s artwork, you can follow him on Instagram: @christopher.macleod.

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