Maritime Memories

There is something to be said about the associative power of art. A song could play on the radio, and you are instantly reminded of a time in your life where that song holds significance. The same applies to visual art. As I (Sophia) look at these paintings, I fondly remember the summers I spent visiting family in New Brunswick and the beautiful moments and scenery I experienced. I can still hear the sounds of the seagulls and the waves, the breeze on my face, the smell of the fresh, crisp air. It’s nice to know that I can visit these places so vividly in my imagination thanks to beautiful pieces of artwork. For now, I will patiently wait for the time when I can physically go back to the Maritimes, and finally give my Poppie (grandpa) a hug.

Venz Vesselinov is a freelance fine artist, animator, illustrator. His works are in private collections in Ontario, Canada, and Europe. He is currently working as a storyboard artist in the Cartoon industry.

He has been making fine art paintings throughout the course of isolation.

The painting depicts a community that is situated by the ocean. In the foreground, a grey-beige dock is painted, with a small building at the end. There are white boats tied to the dock, an a seagull is perched on one of the poles of the dock. Along the background, there are many hills of bright green and yellow tones upon which many tiny white houses stand. The way the water is painted gives it great texture, making it look like it is refelcting the hills and the dock. The water has many shades of blue, teal, and the green and yellows seen on the hills. the sky is painted a light blue, with white and grey clouds scattered across.
“Fisherman’s Cove”

Venz is inspired by the beauty of Canadian nature.

The painting is of a dock on the water. An old, grey-beige dock sits beside a large hill. The dock has orange windows, and greenery along its side. There are many small details in this painting, such as vases holding plants, boat paddles, flags, a bicycle, a life-preserver, ladders which all surround the house on the dock. In front of the dock is a boat with red-orange stripes. There is also a piece of land that is in the bottom right corner of the foreground. Both this land and the hill in the back have light green and orange tones, which works cohesively with the orange hues on the boat and the windows of the house. In the background, there are other buildings on a dock, both of which are red-orange and have white doors. The sky depicts a cloudy day. The water in the foreground is darker than the water in the background, as it has darker blues and black tones whereas the background has light blue and white tones.
“The Old Dock”

To see more of Venz’s works, check out his Facebook page:

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