Painting for a Cause

Art is a gift for both its creator and its viewers. When I (Sophia) make something for a particular person, it brings me joy to think about their reaction upon receiving it. It is also heart-warming when someone gifts you with one of their creations, knowing that they might have had you in mind as they spent their time and effort crafting it. If you have the opportunity, it can be a rewarding experience to put forth your talents for the benefit of another person or organization, especially if it’s for a worthy cause.

Jamie P. Wiens is an Alma Painter who is inspired by Bob Ross and Claude Monet.

Throughout the isolation, he has been creating oil paintings and helping with local communities and programs.

A canvas sits upon an easel. It depicts an cenotaph in memory of World War One. The cenotaph is all white with a bit of red/burgundy shading to represent the blood shed during the war. It has steps that lead to a green statue of a person on a horse. On top of the cenotaph is a winged creature that looks to be an angel. The scene of the painting takes place at night. The sky is a dark, navy blue, with with clouds that have light blue undertones. Behind the cenotaph are tall, thin pine trees, with green pines and white trunks. The ground on which the cenotaph is placed is an emerald green, with dark brown undertones representing the soil.
“Wounded Warrior”

Jamie was inspired to make the piece, “Wounded Warrior” (depicted above) for the Wounded Warriors program to help raise money for veterans and first responders. He has a personal connection to the program, as Jamie’s father served his country for thirty-four years. He dedicates this painting to the many soldiers who gave their lives so that he could “have the freedom to be strong and free and…[have] the opportunity to paint.”

He also credits Bob Ross as the inspiration for many of his works.

A painted canvas sits on top of an easel. The background of the painting is a sunset, that goes from light pink on the horizon, to darker shades of pink which fades into hues of red and finally shades of dark brown and burgundy at the edges of the canvas. The main focus of the painting are the trees which are scattered throughout. The trees are all similar in size, and have thin trunks and branches. They are dark, reddish-brown in colour and have white highlights. Below the trees is tall, green grass, but as it reaches the foreground, the grass becomes a more muddy, earth-toned green. In the bottom corners of the painting, a dark brown hill with white and lighter brown highlights is shown.
“Autumn Fire”

If you would like to check out more of Jamie’s artwork, you can find him on Instagram @JamiePWiens or Twitter @dragons_Quest.

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