Once Lost, Rediscovered

A couple of weeks ago, I took my sister to play basketball at the elementary school near our house. As I sat and watched her shoot around, I couldn’t help but notice one of the lone basketball nets. Weather-worn, with paint chipping off of its pole and backboard, and remnants of a net hanging from the rim, it had been used well. 

This net, against the backdrop of the sunset, was a great opportunity for a photo. This is what I used as a reference for my painting. 

The painting is of a basketball net at dusk. In the foreground, the perspective is looking up at the rim of a basketball net. The basketball pole is half white and half yellow. The backboard of the net is white. The rim is a rusty red colour. The remnant chains of the basketball net hang from the rim and are tangled together. In the backround, there is a green grass field, with a collection of pine trees in the far distance. The sky is mostly a hue of blue, with some pink and purple scattered across. The moon is also in the background of the sky.

I was inspired by this basketball net. I remembered when I would go to outdoor basketball courts with my dad to practice shooting foul shots so that I would no longer air-ball them during games. I thought of people who spend the whole day, no matter the weather, investing their time to develop their skills for the chance to be recruited to a varsity team. I imagined children gathering together at recess, having fun as they played, with this net standing tall in the background. 

The last time I can remember creating a piece of art with acrylics was in my grade nine art class. I was fourteen then; my twentieth birthday is less than three weeks away. I did not realize how much I missed painting. I love watching the process of a sketch become something colourful and vibrant, something that tells a story and could resonate with someone. Painting gives me the chance to mute all external distractions and focus on nothing else but what I am creating. Time no longer seems to exist. 

So, during this quarantine, I encourage you to explore something that you lost touch with amidst the fast-paced world pre-pandemic. You might rekindle an old passion and add some joy to your day!

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