Beautiful Beadwork

Art is meant to engage our senses. It can be really fun when art interacts with more than one sense, like when music gives you goosebumps, or in culinary art when the smell of a dish almost makes you taste it. Jewelry is a form of wearable art that appeals to our senses as well. Not only is it visually beautiful, but it is tangible. I (Sophia) really enjoy beadwork. From far away, it looks like a smooth, solid piece of jewelry, but as you look at it up close, you can see the tiny detail and texture of each bead, strung together one by one, forming an amazing piece of art.

Kelly Nahwegahbow is a First Nation Designer based in Ottawa and is a member of the Whitefish River First Nation. The Beading Drum Jewelry Originals is a First Nation Company that specializes in unique wearable art.

Throughout the quarantine, Kelly has been working on Traditional Ojibway beadwork, along with leatherwork such as moccasins.

Due to decreased income and no venues, Kelly has had to adapt to change and diversify. They are currently exploring new platforms of social media.

A pair of beaded earrings lay on a white granite background. The outermost border is white beads, followed by bronze then pearl white beads. the next layer of beads alternates between turquoise, gold, and white beads. There are two shape that compose the earring: it is circular at the top, and ovular at the bottom. In the middle of the circle is a smooth, pale yellow stone, with rose gold beads surrounding it. The ovular portion is also a smooth, yellow stone with little butterflies on it. One butterfly has a body of white beads, a rose gold head, an grey wings. The other butterfly has a body with turquoise beads, a rose gold head, and grey wings.
Some of Kelly’s creations for Beading Drum Jewelry!

For more of Kelly’s creations, you can follow them on Instagram: @thebeadingdrumjewelryoriginals or visit their Facebook page:

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