Mindfulness in Bloom

In these uncertain times, it is okay to feel overwhelmed. I (Sophia) frequently find myself thinking/worrying about what the future holds for me during this pandemic. As a student, the sudden switch to online learning presented itself as a challenge, which was followed by an adjustment process. When you feel overwhelmed, it is important to stop, breathe, and do something that you enjoy. Art is a therapeutic way to channel emotions and express how you feel. Perhaps exercise or connecting with nature is what may also help you. Consider all of these activities as a form of meditation.

Pooja Grover (Mindful Intuitions) is an Intuitive Visual Artist, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Guided Meditation Facilitator, and Mindfulness Practitioner. She is passionate about creating mindful moments, spreading her love for art and deep understanding of soulful connections through her intuitive artwork and Divine connection with the Universal Life Force. She strives to work towards female empowerment through inspirational art and creative writing, frequently hosting transformational mindful art workshops/lessons from her studio, introducing her students to the concept of “Meditation through Art,” and connecting the dots to spirituality.

Amidst the experience of COVID-19, Pooja says that it was easy to allow fear to creep into her daily life, triggering feelings of pain, anxiety, hopelessness, overwhelm, and depression. Meditation helped her combat such unpleasant emotions and see things in perspective. Through her intuitive art, Pooja tries to remind herself that adversities are mere stepping stones and not stumbling blocks.

Many trees are lined along a path. The path is unmarked; it is all green grass, but the path is shaped by the trees. The trees have brown leaves, and a thin, dark brown trunk. There is not a distinct destination to where the path leads. Instead, there is a white, beige haze.
“And the MAGIC Begins”

“Staying home during the COVID-19 lockdown has been a blessing in its truest sense for me as it gave me the much needed time for self-reflection, self-realization and self-actualization while expressing my soul through my intuitive artwork and creative writing. Self-love and self-compassion have been on my priority list lately as I connected deeply with my inner child.”

In March 2020, Pooja launched the “Mindful ‘YOU’ Peaceful ‘YOU'” Program and started teaching intuitive, meditative art virtually, coupled with mantra and guided meditation. This allowed participants to feel peaceful and calm amidst the most turbulent times. Setting pure intentions and positive affirmations were incorporated as an integral part of this program. The lockdown encouraged Pooja to step outside her comfort zone, work hard on her website, create process videos of her artwork, and participate in the National Arts Drive 2020.

The painting has a green background with blue hues. Many pink flowers are lined up in the form of a 'U' shape. The flowers have many shades of pink, with a yellow center. The flowers look like lotuses.
“Bloom Where You’re Planted”

Regarding inspiration for her artwork, Pooja explains:

“As an empath, I find my inspiration in ‘LIFE’ itself and my own journey to heal my mind, body and soul. Each artwork that I create is unique in its own way, just like all of us are. I truly believe that every soul has its own mantra; we all need to recognize our mantra and paint it! Most of my artwork created during COVID-19 depicts light in one way or the other as I feel deeply connected with the light within through my daily meditation practice.”

For more of Pooja’s artwork, you can connect with her on the following platforms:

Website: www.mindfulintuitions.com Email: mindfulintuitions@gmail.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/mindfulintuitions Instagram: www.instagram.com/mindful_intuitions Etsy: www.etsy.com/ca/shop/Mindfulintuitions

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