Upon a Hillside…

I (Sophia) think that art history is fascinating. Just like humanity, art changes and evolves. The twentieth century saw the rise of many art movements such as Cubism, Surrealism, and Pop Art. One movement that interests me is Expressionism. This movement encourages the depiction of personal emotions, with artists often distorting reality to accomplish their vision. It is a unique style that provides a glimpse into someone else’s inner, creative world.

Justin Robinson is an Expressionist artist residing in Toronto. Their works often consist of capturing human behavior and atmospheres across Canada. Currently, Justin is a student at the London Art College.

During quarantine, Justin has been creating self-portraits, figurative works, and landscapes.

The painting depicts a hillside with long, yellow and green grass. In the background, there are tall trees with green leaves and brown tree trunks. A collection of white,  pink, and purple flowers stand out in the foreground of the painting.

Due to our ever-distracted life styles, we are becoming more removed with nature, and I wonder if we have surpassed a point in which collectively most humans have abandoned this connection.  

Often through nature, it heals and rejuvenates our senses, and here is my attempt to share my experience through paint and observation.

Justin credits having “so much time to reflect” as the inspiration for their artwork.

A sketch drawing, with black, gray, and white sades throughout. The piece is abstract and geometric. There is a realistic top hat placed on top of a person who is sideways in the frame. The person's eye and mouth are constructed with straight, sharp lines which form obscure symmetric shapes. They seem to be looking into a vase, which is not geometric and looks realistic.
“Counting Time”

“Time itself has lost linear sense as each person lives now day by day, unsure when the quarantine will end.”

To see more of their artwork, you can follow Justin on Instagram @jr7artworks

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