Powerful Portraits

One of my (Sophia) favourite things about artistic interpretation is its subjectivity. When people experience art, whether that be viewing it, hearing it, etc, there is a high probability that it impacts them in different but meaningful ways. To me, portraits are often filled with mystery. As an instantaneous encapsulation of a person in time, portraits have a plethora of untold stories and unanswered questions behind them. It’s up to our imaginations to interpret what the artist has portrayed on their canvas.

Salma Nasreldin has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree majoring in expressive arts and interior design. She spent almost a decade teaching art before moving to Canada and chasing the dream of becoming a full time visual artist .

During isolation, Salma has been making oil painting portraits while caring for her two young children.

Upon a black background, there is a portrait of a female. Only her head and shoulders are displayed, and the point of view looking at the woman displays mostly the side profile of her face. The female has her eyes closed. She has pink lips. Her brown hair is in an updo style. There is a piece of gold that covers the majority of her hair and ear.

Iconic visions of the female form from past decades and the pre-internet era were Salma’s inspiration for painting these pieces.

A portrait of a woman is placed upon a red background. The woman as prominent features. She has dark eyebrows, blue eyes, and red lips. The woman seems to be staring at someone with a stern look on her face. One of her eyebrows is slightly raised. The woman has medium length, brown, wavy hair that is in a half updo. The woman's red clothing blends into the background, but her frilly, white collar is displayed.

For more of Salma’s artwork, you can follow her on Instagram @sam_artisan or visit her page on Etsy: www.samartisan.etsy.comhttps://www.etsy.com/shop/samartisan/

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