Finishing the Half-finished

I (Rashmeet) love finishing (almost) forgotten projects. There’s something very satisfying about coming back to a project and reflecting on the original thoughts/emotions that informed a piece. It’s an insightful reminder of the growth and change I’ve gone through since starting the project. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve enjoyed this process of remembering, reflecting, taking a few steps back, and then coming back to the present.

Chantal Dupuis is a visual artist specializing in wildlife and landscape paintings.

A painting of the Rocky Mountains covered in snow and a lake (Bow lake) in the foreground. Behind the mountains there is a cloudy sky.
Canadian Rockies – Bow Lake

When lock down was eminent she set herself a goal to clean up her studio and finish the paintings that she had started but never finished! [Reminds me to start finishing all the half-finished projects hiding under my bed…]

A painting of two monkeys with their foreheads bent towards each other in unison. The monkey on the left, appears to be a chimpanzee and the monkey on the right appears to be a larger ape.

To view more of her you can visit her website:, Facebook:, and follow Chantal on Instagram:

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