Buzzing with Creativity

One thing that quarantine has encouraged me (Sophia) to do is reflect. And looking at the integration of honeycombs throughout this beautiful painting also made me stop and think. Just as bees in the hive work together towards a common goal, we as a society are working together to make the world a brighter place in uncertain times. So why not begin by spreading a little positivity through artwork?

Ann Brown has been creating art since they were fifteen, mainly working with acrylic paint and water paint.

During isolation, Ann has been making acrylic paintings for their friends and porcupine quill earrings.

Inspired by their beautiful friend, Frankie, Ann saw this photo that Frankie had taken of herself and thought, “It’s so beautiful I must paint it,” so they asked her if they could paint it and Frankie said yes. Once Ann was done, they gave the painting to her. Ann has painted a few different paintings of friends during quarantine to give as gifts when we can safely visit again.

A mirror image of a person lies in the center of the painting. The person has a blue beaded necklace in their mouth, and they are wearing beautifully decorated earrings with indigenous artwork on them. The person's top half of their face is cut off, only displaying their nose, mouth, and neck. The person's neck has a tattoo consisting of honeycombs and a bee with an eye in the center of its body. Above the person, there are yellow honeycombs with bees on them. Below the person, there are two mirrored pink flowers, that are placed in front of honeycombs.
For Frankie…

For more of their artwork, you can visit Ann’s Facebook page at

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