Tiny QuaranTime Capsules

As I (Rashmeet) mentioned to Sophia (the newest member of our team!), this is the first art submission we’ve had that actually made me laugh! COVID-19 has certainly changed multiple aspects of our lives and will probably be remembered by future generations as a serious pandemic of the past. However, it’s also important that they remember the moments of joy, hope, and strange behaviours (read: toilet paper hoarding) – captured beautifully in Rachel’s tiny time capsules.

Born of a love of imagination and glitter, Spell Caster Designs (Rachel Brown) creates enchanting accessories in tiny bottles.

Tiny glass time capsule held between two fingers and contains a toilet paper roll and a mask.
Tiny Toilet Paper Time Capsule!

She has been making tiny (2″ tall) time capsules capturing the symbols and memories of 2020 during COVID-19.

Rachel’s words of inspiration during this time have been that “It’s always easier to deal with heavy issues when you can shrink them down, contain them, and sprinkle them with humor.”

Set of three tiny time capsules in glass bottles. One containing a toilet paper roll and mask. Another containing a sign that reads, "Not all heroes wear capes" and a mask. And another containing a toilet paper roll and feces.
Set of Three Tiny COVID-19 Inspired Time Capsules.

For more of her artwork you may follow Rachel on Instagram @spellcasterdesigns or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/spellcasterdesigns/.

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