Feathered Freedom

There’s something very magical about feathers. I’m (Rashmeet) always excited to find a forgotten feather on the ground because it was once an integral part of the bird that left it. It’s what gave the bird it’s ability to feel the rush of wind and a taste of the sky – something that humans need to build elaborate contraptions to feel.

Intricate glass feathers by Jennifer Kelly!

Jennifer Kelly is a kiln formed glass artist living on a river near Ottawa, Ontario. A fantastical interpretation of nature is her focus.

“I came upon

One single feather

A half-hearted wish

For something better” – Dallas Green

“I love this line in the City and Colour song “Thirst”. It articulates that moment of optimism and hope that we yearn for in the midst of darkness and uncertainty. Feathers magically offer that experience. These days hope and optimism are what I focus on in the studio.” – Jennifer Kelly

During isolation she has been continuing her “focus on birds but the appeal of flocks of birds and birds flying together has taken on new meaning during this time. [She] created a very large (7.5’ tall) steel and glass sculpture in [her] time alone. In addition to many smaller birds that are flying together from the ceiling of [her] studio. For meditation [she] enjoys carving highly detailed individual glass feathers.”

A magical steel and glass sculpture!

In response to the the inspiration behind Jennifer’s glass artwork during quarantine she replied, “Time in the studio takes my mind away from trying to solve the world’s problems and into the mysteries of nature that don’t need to be solved, just cherished. Seeing the colourful birds flying together made me nostalgic for the close contact I am missing with my loved ones. I have always admired the strength and freedom in birds. The last few months have inspired more thought on the meaning of freedom. Strength and resilience is also a recurring theme these days.”

To see more of Jennifer’s creative pieces you can visit her website: http://www.jenniferannekelly.com

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