Matcha Inspired

I (Rashmeet) don’t have tea too often, but when I do it’s always a refreshing and soothing experience. Cardamom chai tea for when I need a break from hot chocolate. Ginger infused tea with a dash of honey for throat aches. Any kind of citrus/berry sweetened ice tea for after a sweltering day in the sun. But, matcha is something I’ve never tried…

Digital Matcha Inspired Illustration!
Digital Matcha Inspired Illustration!

Anna Do is currently a full-time college student in Toronto, studying marketing and event management. She loves everything related to art, whether it is drawing, painting, writing, creating digital illustrations and so on. A true matcha green tea lover and a morning person.

Everyday I try to find time for drawing, taking care of my mind, body and skin.

Anna Do

In response to what her has inspired her to create during this time she responded, “As mentioned before, we are in isolation, and it is such a challenge to be so productive. For someone, it can be yoga, or coffee, or morning walk. For me – it is matcha green tea. The message of the work is to feel the moment, be present and positive even in the hardest times like these.”

For more of Anna’s artwork and writing you can visit her website:

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