Let Them Make Cake

It was my sister’s thirteenth birthday last week, and she decided for the first time to make her birthday cake all by herself. Last year, I’d made her a cake in the shape of our cat, and I’d had similar visions of grandeur this year, but she was insistent that this be something she do for herself this time.

A round cake sits on a plastic cutting bard on top of a table. The cake has been frosted with purple icing, and a slice has been cut out, revealing that it is pale yellow inside.. The slice is being lifted by a light skinned hand. Part of a light skinned woman's polka dotted dress and her forearms appear in the background. Behind the cake is a red plate with a picture of a cat on it.
A slice of the same pale yellow cake with purple frosting on a purple plate with a picture of a rabbit.

Is it a little wonky? Yes. But is it delicious? A resounding YES. It’s lemon with blueberry buttercream, with a rich, pound-cake-like texture. For a first go at baking cakes solo, it’s incredible.

Sure, I’ve been baking for a lot longer than she has, and I probably could have made something a little more complex, but that’s not what she wanted. She wanted to take a risk, try something new, and create for herself. And I’m incredibly proud of her.

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