Crafting through COVID

Jen Refat is the sole founder and maker of Craftic. She believes that maker means making code, making crafts, making content, and really, making all the things!

Craftic Logo

During quarantine, Jen has been doing a lot of making! Some of the things she’s been doing include, completing colouring pages, upcycling, painting with watercolors, enjoying paper crafts, book binding, and knitting to name a few!

Beautiful watercolour flowers!
Beautiful watercolour flowers!

Jen’s inspiration through COVID has been to keep crafting and keep the community connected during this time through the act of making. In response to what has motivated her, Jen says, “When quarantine started, I was in the middle of hosting the #crafticchallenge on Instagram since March is Craft Month. It was bittersweet timing since participation in the challenge slowed down quite a bit but it was also my inspiration to keep crafting despite all the heavy news and changes rapidly happening around me. I had an in-person meetup scheduled for late March and under the circumstances, it was converted to an online chat. Ever since then, I’ve been hosting weekly craft meetups. It has been so amazing for chatting, making new friends, getting to know existing friends better, and it gives me that nudge to make something each week!”

Paper crafts with tissue boxes!
Paper crafts with tissue boxes!

For more crafting inspiration visit the Craftic website or follow @craftic on all social media platforms!

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