Cartoon Comics with Quarantine Tips

What a great way to share some fun advice through artwork! These cartoon comics created by Becky Allen definitely brought a smile to my face, while imparting some quality tips that will keep me (Rashmeet) going throughout this isolation.

Self Isolation Tip #1 – Develop a fun new social distance greeting.
Self Isolation Tip #2 – Enjoy a nap with furry friends (even if they’re bed hogs)

Becky is full time Graphic Designer and Illustrator from London ON who grew up on Disney and knew from a young age that all she wanted to do in life was doodle cartoons.

My motto is that I believe art has the power to change the world.

– Becky Allen

In response to what Becky has been making during this isolation she replied, “At the end of March I created a series of 5 quick cartoony illustrations of funny tips to help make the best of isolation. As a self-proclaimed hermit I thought these light-hearted comics could help people from some brightness through the tough times and maybe my experience with isolation could help. I also offered two free virtual cartooning classes for adults and kids as a way to provide some fun activities for families during this time.”

Self Isolation Tip #3 – Dance like no one’s watching… Because they literally can’t.
Self Isolation Tip #4 – Do a little light reading. You know you’ve got a stack waiting 🙂

Becky has been making her comics because she “Just want[s] to help people with [her] silly comics with laughter and brightness. Art helps us tell stories and connects us in way nothing else can. So it was just [her] way of letting people know they weren’t alone. And if there were any tips [she] could pass on as an introvert who has worked from home the last 3 years that could help people adjust, then that was definitely a bonus.”

Self Isolation Tip #5 – Try some yoga or pilates without judgement (some of us need more practice than others…)

To see more of Becky’s artwork you can visit her website: or follow her on Facebook: and Instagram: @tigerlilygraphics.

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