The Healing Power of Art

Hailey Tallman is an art therapist and artist who is passionate about empowering people to use their creativity to explore inwardly and express outwardly!

During COVID-19 Hailey has turned to the web to help others explore art therapy by making videos that focus on gratitude, emotions, and the connections between us.

When asked why she is making these videos, Hailey says, “I wanted to help people process their feelings of anxiety, isolation, and uncertainty”

Blonde woman in her 30s smiling, wearing a black and white striped shirt, with a series of photographs behind her.
Hailey Tallman, Art Therapist

Hailey’s care and attention to individual and collective mental well-being comes through on her Facebook page: Hailey Tallman: Art in Action, where she shares her videos, thoughts, and creative ideas. She’s also a fabulous artist in her own right, as you can see from the collage in her feature image. Be sure to check out her two Instagram Accounts to see more of this art, in action:



And you can watch the first of her great series of COVID-19 art therapy videos here:

Hailey Tallman: Bridging COVID-19, Before and After

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