Sew Much Talent!

I’d (Rashmeet) love to say that sewing machines are my friends, but that would be a lie, so I’m always in awe of those who can befriend these powerful/slightly scary machines. So, when Sid’s stories on Instagram featured the projects they were sewing, I was amazed. I could only ever dream of making a backpack!

Sid Drmay is a non-binary queer multidisciplinary artist that loves to make things that reflect their experiences growing up gay and trans online. They love making weird glitchy art at home with their two cats.

Look at that backpack!!!
Sid Drmay
It’s sew good!!!

“During isolation I’ve renewed my love of sewing! I’ve been making garments again, many shirts, a few dresses and bags with some jackets on the way. I used to sew a lot as a teen but I lost the drive for a bit. Coming back to it I’ve been more relaxed and found a better pace to sew at, it’s been really lovely! I’ve also been weaving tapestries, collaging and baking.”

Sid’s response to what they have been making as a result of isolation due to COVID 19.

In response to the question, what has been your inspiration during this time, Sid replied “Honestly it’s just been something about feeling like we’re in this Pause. I’m immunocompromised, the outdoors are a bit scary for me right now but I still like to think and create and make things. Being able to sit down with some pieces of fabric and then have something beautiful at the end is incredibly rewarding. Plus I just love light linen, slow fashion clothing and now is a great time to make clothes that I love and feel comfortable in.”

Snake weave!
Fabulous dress!

To see more of Sid’s artwork you can follow them on Instagram @cyborggarbage and check out their website!

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