Trying to Bake a Sense of Normalcy

I (Michaela) am a bit of a foodie. I love trying new restaurants and over the past few years have collected a few recipes that I love to cook. My old roommate will tell you that she knew I had a bad if I had our entire spice collection out and was trying to feed her my new creation.

Although I sometimes turned to cooking to cope with a stressful day, I did not find much success baking. The recipes were harder and often felt like a fail. This was however until I felt like I needed to learn to bake in order to replace some things that I could not have during a pandemic.

It started out a few weeks ago when I was alone on my birthday. I thought about just letting the day pass without doing anything but that felt wrong. So I bought a box cake, some frosting and candy to decorate.

When the cupcakes turned out OK I started to think what else I could make. The next thing that I was missing was my Starbucks. Every day (sometimes more) I would get a cold brew with an oat fudge bar. I had been making coffee at home but it still didn’t feel the same, until I learned about coffee soda. It is far better than my usually order but I was still missing the oat fudge bar and that’s where my new found confidence with baking came in. I started to bake cookies to have with my coffee. I have continued to bake each week which not only gives me something to look forward to, but it also allows me to take back something that I was missing.

Although the cookies aren’t a perfect replacement for Starbucks, they are a reminder that I can still create a small sense of normalcy in all of this chaos.

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