Aysop’s Magical Menagerie

Based in Guelph, Ontario, digital artist Asa, better known as Aysop, passes the time by bringing fantastical characters to life: “I’m a masters student in politics and a small town guy, presently holed up in Guelph. I make fantasy art and do character design for whatever I’m listening to most recently!”

A digital drawing of three fantasy characters, shown from the shoulders up, looking off to the left of the image. Furthest on the left is a man with red skin and orange, flaming hair in black armour. Next to him is a tall green dragon with curved yellow horns and purple and green feathers. They have a disgruntled expression. On the right of the image is a figure in a suit of grey armour, wearing a red and yellow tunic.

Aysop says of his work: “[It’s] mostly digital art depictions of stories and characters that I love. I’ve been playing a helluva lot of Dungeons & Dragons with friends – given the amount of time I’ve had, I’ve been making art to represent it all and keep myself distracted.”

A digital drawing of a half orc man. He has dull green skin, yellow eyes, and rounded fangs protruding from his lower jaw. His back hair is cut short on the sides and is medium length on top, parted in the middle. He wears a suit of black chain mail.

You can find more of his work at aysop.tumblr.com or @masafullman on Twitter.

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