Making Dinner into Art

Ann Thompson, who teaches at Fanshawe College in London Ontario, creates multi-media work that focuses on issues of domesticity, utility, ‘women’s work’, and social change.

When asked about the inspiration for her COVID-19 related project, she replied “For the first few days after schools were closed, I was writing and drawing a lot. I kept returning to depictions of meals and food. The dilemma of what to eat for dinner is a universal one that we can’t ignore even when we’re experiencing a huge, society-wide crisis. Making and eating food was also something ‘normal’ we could do to reassure ourselves and our children that there would be some continuity in all of our lives.”

Ann has been drawing small daily comics that depict the food her family has been eating for the past 9 weeks. Each comic is pencilled on a 4″x6″ blank index card, and then inked, and finally painted with water colour.

Diary entry about making Dal with hand drawn figures of the ingredients in bottom right corner.
May 6th diary entry by Ann Thompson

If you are interested in seeing more of these great food comics, you can follow along with her daily diaries here:

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