Bodily Resilience

Anyone that knows me (Rashmeet) or my artwork will tell you that more than 50% of it is either inspired by or about the inner workings of the human body. Human anatomy/physiology is super fascinating – so many millions of cells with the same basic foundations make up each of us, yet all of us are different. Isn’t that fascinating?

I haven’t been making a lot of artwork recently, which feels kind of strange. However, I was looking through some of the artwork I made in this past year and came across this piece. I finally came up with a title for it: Bodily Resilience. It was originally just a black-and-white sketch made with an ink pen on watercolour paper, but my newly purchased watercolour set was too tempting not to put to use.

Each of the coloured circles represents a microscope cell diagram of a different kind of immune cell found in our bodies. During the research I did for this piece, I was surprised to find that our bodies have this insanely intricate system to fight invading non-self pathogens.

I made this piece pre-pandemic, but I think about immunity in a different way now than I did when I was making this piece. Immunity, in my perspective, has shifted to become more of a community issue. It’s not about the individual cycle of getting a sore throat, then a runny nose, and eventually getting better again. It’s about making sure I reflect on my privilege of having a healthy immune system and continue to practice social distancing in order to keep those that are immunocompromised safe. (This is not the same thing as “herd immunity” because that involves vaccinations.)

Together (but six-feet apart) our bodies and communities have the resilience to fight this pandemic.

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