Neighbourhood Artwork

These past few weeks have been rough. I’ve had to finish my university semester online. I’ve been missing seeing all the wonderful human beings in my life in person and not just on a screen. I haven’t been to a library in over a month!

However, despite all this, the one thing that this situation has allowed me to do more of is to go on walks. In the first week, the purpose behind my walks was to safely experience nature and feel something other than the stale air of my room. In the following weeks, this purpose changed. I started noticing my neighbourhood’s artwork – creative sidewalk chalk masterpieces, decorative window displays, and positively painted rocks. I found myself smiling every time I passed one of these pieces of artwork and I wanted in. I began chalking art of my own and also capturing others’ artwork to post on social media and share the smiles. It was encouraging to see that my neighbourhood, like many others, was turning to creating artwork to stay connected during this time of social distancing.

Art Apart is a virtual space that was created to highlight the artwork of Canadian creatives keeping our communities connected during this difficult time. I hope the artwork we share through Art Apart inspires you to create some artwork of your own and brings some positivity to your days. Keep watching this space for more stories and artwork!

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